Stories can build bridges between humans and themes. Filmtank continues to build more bridges.

Curiosity, boldness and international experience are our tools in the world of story-telling. We mesh feature films, TV movies, web and mobile formats, virtual reality and installations into cross-media experiences. We weave flying carpets upon which viewers can interactively discover new fields.
Computer hacking, for instance, concerns everyone, but it’s abstract, far away, incomprehensible. Our international award-winning production Netwars / Out of Ctrl ( takes up the issue in a variety of formats and presents it as a cross-media experience. The dangers become real, tangible, comprehensible. The viewers participate.

We started with high-quality international documentary features for the big screen and for TV, and we continue to do so. But over the years, these experiences have helped us develop new, interactive narrative forms. Now we produce interactive graphic novels, games, web documentaries and adaptations into three-dimensional space. We bring the old masters and young developers together. This gives way to international award-winning works and opens up new perspectives.

Our bridgeheads are in Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart. And we continue to build more.